The Renewable Energy Party is a new political party registered under Australian law. Help us to assert our right and the right of our children to live in a clean and healthy environment. Our party is a community-based organisation that is working to build an environmentally friendly and non-polluting energy future right now. The technology exists and the need for change is urgent and evident. The major parties in Australia, beholden to coal and gas companies, have made a complete mess of climate change policy. As concerned citizens and voters, we are no longer willing to sit back and watch as the Liberal- National Coalition and Labor continue to make disastrous energy decisions backed by a compliant mainstream media, at the expense of our children’s future. We want Australians and Australian businesses to benefit from the extraordinary opportunities in renewable energy. We do not want multinational fossil fuel giants operating from overseas tax havens to get the lion’s share of taxpayer energy subsidies. The Renewable Energy Party is a strong voice in the Australian political context for the established science which shows that climate change is real. Rapid expansion of renewable energy and the phasing out of fossil fuels are an essential part of an effective response is the most effective remedy to climate change. We want our children to inherit a healthy planet. Action on climate change is our best hope for a better present and a more promising future. Renewable energy creates more jobs per unit of energy delivered than fossil or nuclear fuels. Our aim is to put pressure on the major political parties to redirect the $23 billion in taxpayer funded subsidies paid annually to oil, gas and coal companies to renewable energy enterprises. We aim to support research into and the development of renewable energy, micro/community/smart electricity grids, public transport including a super fast train line, non-fossil ­fuel powered public and private transport, and energy efficient technology. We support a strong and independent CSIRO, ARENA and the CEFC. We want to publicise the facts about global warming and climate change and we support putting a price on carbon. We oppose current fracking practices in Australia, the development of new coal mines particularly the the Adani­ Carmichael and Shenhua­ Watermark coal mines, and the importation and storage of nuclear waste in Australia. We support the installation of renewable energy within remote indigenous communities and in public spaces such as schools and government buildings. We support an increase in the feed­ in tariff for renewable energy, and the provision of incentives for residential and business renewable installations, including battery installations. We aim to build strong relationships with our Pacific neighbours affected by climate change, to support developing countries to embrace renewables, and to support international bodies and international agreements which are proactive in addressing climate change and support renewable energy. We oppose those which do not, including the current Trans­-Pacific Partnership (TPP). You are invited to join the party to create a clear, strong voice in Australia for a renewable energy.

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